Friday, September 2, 2011

Bad Weather, Plumbing Problems & Scorpion Bites! Oh My!

So a not so great way to wake up is definitely when you can already feel the heat the day will bring you in your bedroom and your not even covered with a blanket. It's going to be a hot day today, I can feel it. The swamp cooler usage is starting to wear on my wallet, just yesterday I had to bay a sixty dollar electric bill. Which is allot compared to what I usually pay. 

 To top it all of my nose is stuffed, and once again ladies and gentlemen plumbing problems have arisen. I'm seriously beginning to think the problem may just be with the whole house because this it's not normal to have so many problems in such a short amount of time. 

Although I should have known this whole day would suck considering when I was walking around the kitchen at 1 a.m last night my sister came to me crying asking what it was she stepped on. I checked and sure enough a freaking scorpion. It's dead now,  I'm pretty sure she killed it when she stepped on it but it did something to her. She doesn't really seem to be showing any reaction to it, but we're keeping an eye on her just in case. 

Not a great way to start the day at all. And it's barely noon!

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Darryl Iorio said...

Whoah! That’s a lot to take in! I hope that your sister is fine now. Did you take her to the doctor? Well, regarding your other house problems, I would say to seek the help of your plumber to do the job. Plumbing dilemmas are not one of the most common issues in the household. Broken pipes and leaking valves could be turned into a major house disaster if not attended.