Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Song, You Need To Hear!

Music! It's a big thing for me. Always has been always will be! You can ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that music is just essential to me. I have the weirdest taste in music if I actually think about it. I like some musicals, acoustic, some pop, rock, some grunge, 80's, electronic, very few hip hop, and even fewer country songs. I hate rap and R&B though, it's just noise. Lately though I have found myself obsessed with this new song though and I love it so much I'm pretty much trying to convince everyone else I know how great it is. So here it is...

Zee Avi-Concrete Walls

This is not the real video for this song, but it doesn't matter. It's still amazing and so peaceful. What do you think?

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