Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Distracted Driving

Driving can be an exciting time in a teenagers life. It gives them the freedom to go places further then they normally may be able to and gives them more space to grow away from their families. But for parents, when your teenager is learning to drive or already driving, it can be a scary time. Filling your mind with constant worries about if they'll get to where ever it is their going okay? Are the roads safe enough for her? It's a constant battle in your head and it never seems to be able to settle down for a little while. From my experience with distracted drivers on the road, I can sure tell you that these thoughts constantly fill my head. I've had near run-ins with drivers talking on their phones, texting while driving, eating while driving, and even drivers who carry their pets on their laps while driving. It's a dangerous activity and since it's not possible to keep you child from ever experiencing it themselves, why not just try and make them more aware of it?

distracted driving infographic from ifa auto insurance
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Distracted Driving can be a dangerous thing to encounter. So take the right precautions into making sure your child knows how to handle a situation where they may encounter one or knows how to prevent themselves from becoming one too. Keep the roads safe for ourselves and our children and don't drink, text, or talk on the phone while driving.