Sunday, September 18, 2011 Review...

 This is the last weekend of summer and for a lot of people like me, it means that it's time for a change-of-season cleaning on the carpet and upholstery. If you are in the Austin, Texas area you will totally want to get more info and a cleaning quote from In business for over 25 years now, The Steam Team can get your entire house sparkly clean and ready for all the family and holiday parties that are coming up in the next few months. I have my entire family over to my house for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so getting all carpets done this month is a must.

Offering a lot more than just carpet cleaner rental austin they are a one stop cleaner. See just how many services they offer; air duct cleaning, drapery cleaning, air duct cleaning, dust-free hardwood floor restoration, marble polishing, green cleaning and they can also clean your space rugs.

Because they can offer all those services at affordable prices is why The Steam Team is the #1 carpet cleaning company in the Austin and Texas area. So whether your home has hard wood floors, marble or carper, they can get it all cleaned up. Get ready for fall decorating and family parties by having your carpets and more cleaned by The Steam Team!

This post is brought to you by The Steam Team, all opinions are my own.

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