Monday, September 26, 2011

Great Educational Toys for Kids...

Hardwood Unit Blocks Starter SetThe holidays are right around the corner, as an aunt to more than 5 kids for me this becomes a time to think about giving all my nieces and nephews fun gifts. At the same time though,  sometimes I struggle to make sure that I am also giving them an educational toy that can help them be creative and inspire them to learn and explore on their own. A toy for me is a key to the imagination that can be used to create magical and imaginary worlds, where a little girl can imagine herself a fairy princess that will conquer the world or where a little boy can imagine he is a train conductor delivering gifts to kids all over the world. I love watching them sit for hours playing and enjoying their toys, all the while using their little minds and expanding their knowledge. When I see them taking a toy like a puzzle or blocks and create something so special and magical out of it, I know that I did a great job by providing them a stepping stool to a whole new world. As they get older and I see them thrive and learn more I know that the educational toys and gifts I have given them along the years have helped them to be more open and creative. 

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