Sunday, September 11, 2011

Freaky Weather and More...

Triple digit weather has has California under it's grips for a few weeks now. Temperatures so high that residents have been under constant warnings to stay indoors or find cooling centers. I have been home most of the time and running ac's and cooler almost the entire day. I already know that my bill is going to be way over 100 dollars next month!

Thursday Sept 81 2011 over 5 million homes and business were left with no power anywhere from 9 hours to 14. This is a picture of downtown San Diego during the back out. The black out affected Orange County all the way South to Ensenada and as far east as Arizona. The San Diego airport was closed down as were the trolleys and it was just chaos. Schools in the entire San Diego area plus some in Orange County were closed down on Friday. I imagine this was a lot of fun for kids, but for us adults it was a bit scary and makes us realize just how dependent we are on electricity.

On September 10th the South land then woke up to lighting, hail as big as jawbreakers and storms so severe that they caused flash flooding and fires.

Yesterday and today we have finally had a cool down where I live and are currently at 89 degrees. I hope we can stay like this for a while and hope that the freaky stuff is all over with. Usually living in California is a bit of a dream, with great weather and no problems, but these last weeks have been really strange.

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