Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Curious Case Of Jack Johnson...

Jack Johnson, am American folk-rock singer/songwriter born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii to a well known surfer father. He was poised to take on a career as a professional surfer however that dream ended when he suffered an injury in the Pipeline that gave him over 150 head stitches and knocked out a few teeth. Now I'm still a little new to the Jack Johnson fan club, but unlike most it was't his hit 'Better Together', that got me interested, it was a cute bubbly tune, called 'Bubble Toes'. 

I heard and for some reason immediately thought of Curious George. I think it reminded me of the movie filled with various songs almost from the same genre. Now it makes more sense since Jack Johnson actually has an album out called Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious Gorge. Suddenly every thought I had fell into place. I gotta say I do love this particular kind of music, it's like the perfect summer song and Jack Johnson is kind of starting to reminding me of another favorite of mine, Jason Mraz. The song is very much my favorite, I know my sister heard of him via 'Better Together' and while I love that song too, this one just has something so fun about it. I'm gonna keep an eye on this guy, hopefully he can go somewhere, because all the rap and hip hop that seems to be taking over the music industry is really staring to get to me.

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Cami said...

Thanks for sharing :)

Jack always makes me smile!!

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