Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Plus Size Off Shoulder Sweater image
Plus Size Cable Knit Sweater Tunic imagePlus Size Sweaters, flare jeans and polka dots will be all the rage this coming fall. My sister and I have already been shopping twice this month, searching for cool weather staples. I myself don't have the biggest budget to work with, so what I have to do is shop smart and get a few pieces that can be worn in different ways and make different outfits out of them. It's how I have always had to do it and now with my part time job, it's a must. Still I want to look fashionable and smart, especially for those days when I get to leave the house for a few hours of part time at the office I am currently working at. 

JessicaLondon.com is an online clothing store that offers a wide variety for women who wear sizes 12-32. There are many styles available; you can find the smart, professional pieces I seek as well as every day relaxing and fun clothing. They also have a beautiful selection of plus size dresses for every occasion. I am so in love with the dresses and love that they come in my size! No having to search all the racks for the bigger sizes that stores always run out of fits, JessicaLondon.com has everything well stocked and in my size!! Yipee!

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