Sunday, September 25, 2011

Make Your Trade Show Booth Pop Out...

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Will you be attending a trade show and need to figure out how to really make your booth pop out and attract plenty of visitors? Pop up trade show displays are used at trade shows, events, job fairs, retail stores and anywhere a large portable display wall is needed.  Pop up displays come in a variety of shapes and sizes and you can add graphics to them or order them graphic ready with your logos, designs and pictures.  

Contrary to what you might think, Pop up booths are easy to set up and transport.  The frame opens up like a EZ UP canopy or an accordion.  You then hang either fabric or graphic panels to the frame and you are all set up.  Also, the case can convert to a podium stand by using either a graphic or fabric wrap to surround the case. A plastic or wood top is added to finish off the podium. Set up can be fast and easy depending on your pop up design.

The next time you visit a trade show, you will see the many pop up displays being used in the various forms by many different companies. The most unique trade show pop up designs will be the huge lit up ones with pictures and lights, but you will find that even the simpler designs are very good at attracting plenty of attention.  Picture pop ups at a trade show are sort of like a billboard along a freeway and will help you bring targeted traffic to your booth and business. 

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