Monday, September 26, 2011

Looking At The Glass Half- Full...

For the past few years things have been a bit rocky for me. The loss of a stable and well paying job, having to move away from friends and family and then not being able to find a replacement job that would give me the same income that I used to make. GOD, and it's not been easy, and it's been very stressful on my relationship. Not so much about money because we don't really fight about it like most couples do. Instead we learned to live with the new lower incomes that we both have, but having to downscale your spending and your life can really begin to take a toll, no matter how hard you work to accept things and no matter how hard you work to enjoy life with the new limitations. 

Today I got to thinking...and I realized that life isn't so bad and that there are many other people in a much worse position that we are. When I look in my cupboard, I see food for days. The same thing in my fridge, we also had the luxury to run our ac's and coolers all day on the hottest summer days and I am still out there shopping and getting things I need, just in a smaller scale. Maybe having to learn how to shop with less money has actually made me more money savvy and it's made me learn how to use coupons, hunt for sales and always use coupon codes. Now I get more for my money. 

So really all in all, my life is great and I need to count my blessings and be thankful for what I do have and not look at what I used to have. Hey, one day I may have that again, but I will probably enjoy it more then because this time has changed me and I will never look at things the same way. Today I see that the glass is actually half full and not half empty as I usually see it.

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