Monday, August 29, 2011

The 2011 MTV Video Music Award's

Adele, is a Goddess! I swear she hung the moon and the stars herself. Her voice is incredible, and live was even better. 

Adele performing Someone Like You at 2011 MTV Video Music Award's

The VMA's were honestly a freaking joke this year, and the fact that this amazing lady walked away without an award is ridiculous. BUT it's not like the VMA's have ever been the kind to really award good music, all they care about is current "music" like hip-hop and rap. How that stuff passes for music, I will  never know. Bruno Mar's should have walked away with an award too but no, Justin Bieber. Was it just me, or did even Kim Kardashian seem surprised by that? I've always kind of hated Kanye West as a person, since he seems like a total douche, though I have liked a few of his songs, BUT that "performance" with Jay-Z was HORRIBLE! I couldn't even tell who they were. Just because they are Jay-Z and Kanye West, they think everyone will love anything that comes out of their mouths, but that is so NOT true. Lady Gaga, I love her. I really do, I'm not a fan when she get's all preachy like, but I do like her music. I was excited when I heard she was performing, I assumed it would be 'On The Edge Of Glory', and I love that song, so I was really disappointed with her performance. What was that song?! I did kind if like the get up she wore, and she stayed in it all night long, HA! But I can do without all these artists having alter-egos. It's so tiring. Katy Perry won video of the year! Yay! I love Firework, I have since the very beginning. I love it's message, I love it's lyrics, and O-M-G the video is gorgeous. I'm so thrilled it won. All in all, I was extremely let down, but what else should I expect from the MTV VMA's?

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Totally agree with this synopsis of the award show but you are right that we should expect them to play-out less the way we think they should.
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