Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Protect Your Family With Life Insurance .

Even though I still don't have kids, I still have a lot of the same worries a lot of parents do. I worry about what would happen to my nieces and nephews in case something were to happen to me. I also worry about my two sisters. I am a bit part of their lives, I watch the kids all the time, I loan money when someone is in a jam and I am counted on in times of stress. So if something happened to me what would happen to them?

50% of American's are under insured or don't have any insurance at all. I don't want to be in that position so I have been thinking of getting life insurance. Allstate Life Insurance would be a great option for me to look into right away. One of the main reasons why I don't already have life insurance now is because it is usually expensive and I worry about having the monthly payment. However I just found out that Allstate has plans that start as low as $20 per month.

When I have my life insurance in place I am going to know that if I am gone I can leave every one of my nieces and nephews a small amount for schooling and maybe for a first car. I can also leave some aside for college or trade school.

I can leave my sisters a little bit of money each, not too much, just enough to put into a savings account for a rainy day. This way even with me not here they can count on that in case of an emergency.

I can take the most horrible of all the worries away too, the cost of a burial! Burying a loved one has become astronomically expensive in past years and that is one of the main things that worries me. If I die, who can afford to pay to bury me? Not my sisters with all their kids and all their expenses. So the first thing that life insurance would cover is my burial, that way at least that part is covered and my family won't have to have the extra stress.

I can definitely see all of the great benefits of having life insurance, the sooner the better! Knowing how affordable Allstate Life Insurance is now I know where to go to get started on protecting my loved ones when I die.

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