Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spoke Too Damn Soon, Once Again Plumbing Problems Arise

So I posted not that long ago, about some issues I was having with my freaking kitchen sink, and how they FINALLY, after SEVERAL attempts fixed it. Apparently they didn't. Today another new plumber, is coming over to put in some pipes, because according to him, the sink just needs air, which I guess it does not have now. Their going to put a pipe that will lead to another room in my house, that will go up to the sealing, and I guess, give it air. Uhh, I swear doing dishes has been a total nightmare, and I'm hoping all goes well this time. At least this new plumber doesn't display any of the butt crack, all the other plumbers sported. Yuck!


Unclog a Drain said...

Never fixing your plumbing problems is really annoying. And it's all because a good plumber is hard to find. My last one could hardly unclog a drain.

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