Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Does Dating George Clooney Make You a Star?

In case you haven't heard Elisabetta Canalis who is known in the US mostly because she is the girl George Clooney just broke up with a few months ago, is on the new Dancing With The Stars Cast. As it is DWTS hasn't ever been known to include real honest too goodness stars, more like D-list actors, but the addition of Elisabetta came as a real surpise to a lot of people. 

For her I am sure it's a nicely paying job, maybe a stepping stone to the Hollywood life and a career here. But to me it just seems tacky, DWTS is a place where the stars end up when they are no longer stars, almost as a desperate attempt to stay in the public eye before fading away for ever. To me someone who dated George Clooney should have a bit more respect for themselves and maybe break into the biz some other less tacky way. But this is just my opinion and as I am sure you can tell, I really don't care for that show or most of the "stars" that appear on it.

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