Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Favorites: Agua Fresca

One of my favorite summer time treats is agua fresca. Aguas frescas are sold in a few of the restaurants and markets around my area and during the summer they come out with my favorite flavors, watermelon and melon. Though they do have a lot of sugar they also have real fruit so it's a treat that I am willing to break my diet for anytime. 

I see these jugs full of delicious agua fresca and I want to buy the entire thing to take home and enjoy, but I stick to a large cup which usually costs me around four or five dollars. I have tried recreating these fresh waters at home many times but no matter how I mix it, they never turn out as delicious as the ones I buy. 

Agua de Sandia


Agua De Jamaica

Agua de Melon

These are my favorite summer time drinks, what are yours?

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