Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Break In Weather!

It seem's the big guy upstairs has given us a break from this triple digit heat. All week long the weather has been a dream, nice cool eighty degree days with no need for air conditioning, and no need to stay indoors until 7 p.m, just to avoid a heat stroke. I've already seen that the humid heat I just experienced last week that leaves you feeling sticky and just plain gross is set to return next week, but until then I plan to enjoy these last few days of cool and perfect weather. Even if I am just spending my days sitting indoors watching season 3 reruns of Grey's Anatomy. Everyone needs a lazy day, every once in a while. I just plan on letting everyday be my lazy day... well, for as long as I can get away with it. ;-)

Song Of The Day

(Disclaimer-NOT MINE!)

Bruno Mars-The Lazy Song

t s e g y s s n s a k m s e t . l k g e r s n a , e l y e s h o d r r , d o d o y s l 7 , t o d a t . e y n t e d t I t k t s u g y d t n s s t o n t , t l n I n o y e t w s f l d . n f I m t g y s g s 3 s f s . e s a y , y e n a . I t n n g y e y y . , r s g s I n t y h . T o e y g


dosweatthesmallstuff said...

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Isn't this a perfect song for such days? Hope you are staying cool and hydrated :)

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Jeanna said...

Honey I love it! I hadn't watched this video yet and I couldn't stop laughing. Have a great Friday...

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$uper $avin' Momma said...

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Cami said...

New follower from Social Saturday! Hope you follow me too ;)

The weather here has been HORRID there crazy humidity, too? It's 93% here...EW.

I'm new to blogging as stuff :)

Enjoy your weekend!


Peace Love & Poop said...

That songs makes me laugh.

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