Saturday, July 9, 2011

Baby Necessities- The Essentials

Nothing prepares you for the journey that is mother hood, and if you are a first time expecting mommy then nothing can really prepare you for all the things you have to buy for a baby (ie. onesie, swing, stroller, baby sling, diapers and so much more). Really the mind boggles at thinking of the layette and all the new baby items that have been popping up in the last years. When I had my kids, things were simpler and not quite as fancy, but in todays world there is a whole brand new set of must have items you have to buy, because if you don't buy them you will get a whole guilt trip about not providing your child with everything that it needs.  

Still, if you are a two time mommy like myself then you probably will stick to buying just the necessities for baby. It was only for my first that I went completely nuts and brought everything under the sun. For my second baby, I even used some of her sisters things that were in good shape and made sure she just had the bare essentials like; burp cloths, baby bath towel, baby bibs, a diaper bag, bottles and a really nice stroller of her own, that I did not recycle. In the end my baby didn't even notice that she didn't have all the bells and whistles that her sister had, all she cared about was that she was loved.

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Lynn said...

I stopped by from the Wonder Wednesday blog hop to check out your site :)

I also went a little crazy with my first :) I did spread it out over almost the entire pregnancy by picking up stuff at garage sales and when I saw things on clearance when I was at the store shopping for other items as well.

Gladys said...

Hello! I'm a new mom to an 8 month old boy. I was lucky enough to get tons of hand me downs from my nephew and friend at work. All that plus the baby showers gave me everything and so much more. To tell you the truth, I ended up only buying a sleep sack which my baby used every night to go to bed for the first 6 months. That was the best purchase.

There are too many things available at the baby store and can make you so confused. Do I really need all that to survive motherhood? Not really.

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Brag All About It said...

when we had our first (and only) my hubby used to always say "it's just a gimmick, save your money" LOL

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