Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wishing You A Happy Holiday

My town is having it's annual 4th of July celebration. It's one of the neat things about living in a small country town, they really know how to celebrate holidays like today. There will be a live band, a ton of food and of course fireworks at night. We have got to head out in an hour to get a good spot near the band and then we can eat. Before the end of the night I am also planning on having a strawberry funnel cake topped with as much whipped cream as possible.

Because our town is so small there was a big fight this year to keep the festival open, the city council wanted to shutt it down because there is so little money. That means this is probably the last year that we will get to enjoy this really great holiday celebration and it really makes me sad. That just means we have to enjoy the day as much as possible and hope and pray that by next year we can raise enough money to have it again. 
I hope where ever you are you are also able to enjoy the day.

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