Friday, July 29, 2011

I Miss Teen Nick 90's!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm still young and still considered a teen today, so if I was asked twenty years from now if I used to watch Teen Nick then most people would probably be referring to shows such as Victorious, iCarly, Sponge Bob, Zoey 101, or Degrassi, you know shows that are on Teen Nick today. BUT m I the only one who preferred the old Teen Nick, you know the one in the 90's with shows like All ThatKenan and Kel, DougHey Arnold, and of course the original Lizzie McGuire a.k.a Clarrisa. Who could forget Are You Afraid Of The Dark? or Goosebumps?! I miss those shows, apparently they've been brought back after high demand on both FaceBook and twitter, but I don't think my cable plan offers the network. I hope it does, in fact I'm going to check right now, but still what happened to Teen Nick?! 

All That, was SNL for the kiddies, it was funny and gave it's stars like Amanda Bynes her show The Amanda Show, or comedy duo Kenan and Kel, well Kenan and Kel. Now in place if All That we have So Random.  : ( The show that spawned the genius that was Good Burger of the show that spawned the horror that is Socks and Sandals.


Doug was great, he was the underdog. He was the original underdog, him in his oddly colored world, with the oddest of names (Bluffington or Bloatsburg), we could all find solace and humor with Doug Funnie and his "journal", remember "it;s not a diary, it's a journal". ; )

Hey Arnold! Who could ever forget that crazy foot ball shaped headed kid. With his crazy disturbing grandparents, his Scottish kilt, and his stalker/bully the one eyebrowed Helga. 


Ahhhh! It IS true! AND I was right I do NOT have that channel. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! : , (

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