Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Has Passed, Up Next Christmas!

The holiday that's all about giving, and receiving if you're still a kid, is coming! Yay! And while the lines in the stores may be too much to deal with, and every where in the world is just too over crowded, I'm still looking forward to everything. My trees already up and everything, not to mention there are already a whole mess of presents under there. One of my favorite things about Christmas though, the Christmas carols/music! My top 5 favorite Christmas classics...

1.Baby It's Cold Outside
2.Silent Night
3.All I Want For Christmas
4.Santa Baby
5.Little Drummer Boy

All just perfect to get me in the holiday spirit. I really like wrapping the gifts too, and picking them out. I am the only person in our family, besides my mother, who knows what every gift under the Christmas tree is. No one besides us can know, cause then they'll tell everyone else what they got. Example, last year my mother and my niece, nephew, and baby sister all chose out a gift for me at Build A Bear Workshop. When I asked what they got me, it took all of 5 seconds before they could tell me, I got a mouse (keep in mind, I didn't know it was from Build A Bear), and I accusing them of lying. The answer never changed, and on Christmas morning imagine my surprise when I opened up my gift, and found a holiday mouse named Cheesy Jack. I was shocked, they had been telling the truth the entire time! I probably shouldn't have asked so many times, but I was curious. Everyone's curious about what they get for presents, so don't judge me. Anyway's I am not good about my own gifts, but I can keep everyone else s gift a secret. ;-)

Does anyone else have their Christmas tree up yet, and if so got any gifts down there?

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