Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Reviews Are In : Amazon Kindle Fire...

Last night at ll:00 my time I checked Amazon.com's reviews for the Kindle Fire and there was about 80 total. Today, only 19 hours later there is already 279 reviews and I spent a lot of time today pouring over the reviews, trying to make up my mind whether I should order mine or not. Most of the reviews I have read are positive, people raving about the Kindle's features. There are some bad reviews, mostly about customer service issues. People asking why even though they pre-ordered two months ago they still haven't received their Fire, yet stores had them on their shelves today. A few people unhappy about their delivery date being later than another person that ordered their Fire after them and so on. Nothing major, no real complaints. So this makes me ask myself, do I go ahead and place and order and spend $199 plus $44.99 for the two year warranty? Or maybe I just need to wait till the holidays are over and I have met all my obligations. I just don't know, I mean I haven't even been able to stay away from the page today. Reading many reviews as they come in, reviews from people who have had the Fire in their hands for just a few hours and already took the time to post a review and let the rest of us know how much they liked it. I just don't know!!! Have you bought a Kindle Fire or are you planning on getting one before the year is over?

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MSRheinlander @KUWTR said...

I like my old Kindle... not sure if I would like the new one??!!??
Thanks for linking up with TFC!

Kim said...

Thanks for this post, you read my mind, trying to decide! Love your blog and will definitely be back for more! I'm a new follower from the FNF Blog Hop~