Thursday, November 10, 2011

Little Treasures I Found Today For My Nieces ...

I've always loved giving gifts. In my life, I have never received many gifts. My mom was the type of woman who didn't think that her kids needed gifts and not always because of lack of money, she just didn't believe in it I guess. Even now, at all the lids parties and birthdays, she never has a gift for anyone, not even the children much less us older ones. That's probably the reason why I have always loved to give gifts, and not just any gifts either. I love being able to find just the right item that the person will enjoy. Right now with the recession no one is going to get big presents from me, but they are going to get little trinkets of love, that I know they will really like. 

Tonight I found these handmade pocket mirrors at only $5.99 each. I think these are enchanting and love the little mesh bag they come in, I ordered two of each and will tie these to bigger gifts, just as a little bonus. These pocket mirrors are very special, and I know my nieces will love the uniqueness and size and how pretty the painted faces are.

For my littlest niece I found the little geisha girl necklace for $5.25. I am going to use this as a tie for one of the gifts I have for her. I wrapped this gift in a bag so the necklace will be the perfect ribbon. She recently saw Mulan so she knows what geishas are and she finds them to be pretty and so interesting. She will love this pink necklace. 

Now this pink meletta tokidoki usb flash drive was $30, so this is not a stocking stuffer. This is a gift for my niece who collects all things Tokidoki, it will match with her hot pink laptop and she'll really be surprised that I found a flash drive in her favorite design.

This is just the beginning of my shopping, I still have all the stocking stuffers to look for, then the actual gifts. My budget for this year is only a few hundred so I really have to price match and hunt for the best deals. And because things are tight I am only buying for all the kids and the teens, no adults this year. That's fine though, like I said, I never get any gifts so everyone else my age can get used to just watching all the kids open their stuff Christmas morning. If they are happy and love everything they get, that will be gift enough for me.

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Cami said...

Super duper cute items :)

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life