Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's Comming! Breaking Dawn: Part 1 Yay!

It's here! The movie I have been waiting for since I first became a fan of the series in  2008, when Twilight hit the big screen. Breaking Dawn, has just about everything the first three books offered individaully all rolled into one. Twilight focused on Bella and Edward, New Moon was all about Jacob, Bella, and the wolf pack, and Eclipse was all about the Cullens, and Bella's choice between two loves. Well Breaking Dawn, the biggest and best book of them all is offering it all, it's gonna be so epic that they need two movies to tell the story. Here's the very first trailer for the upcomming film Breaking Dawn: Part 1...

My Favorite Things About The Twilight Saga!

~The Cullens! Best vampire coven ever!
Fav Cullens...
~The Books!
Fav Books...
Breaking Dawn (Mostly after Renessme)
New Moon (Never really cared for the wolf pack)
~The Music! Florence and The Machines, Muse, Linkin' Park, Lykke Li, and Paramore.
~The Actors! Love Nikki Reed and Robert Pattinson, may just be the hottest guy ever. 
~Team Edward! While he may seem slightly controlling, I prefer him over Jake anyday.
~The Volturi! Best villians ever!
~The setting! Forks seems so pretty and Italy was gorgeous in the movie.

I loved lots of other things to but those were some of my favorite parts about the saga. I cannot wait until Breaking Dawn hit's theaters! It's gonna be good!

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Carolyn said...

eeeeeeeeeeeee! Yes, i'm 30, and i'm a big twilight geek. =D