Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday and Donuts!

I love Sunday mornings, they always feel like they are a brand new start. If for some reason my week was terrible and so busy, I know that on Sunday morning I get a brief respite. I can wake up a bit later than usual, and then me and my boyfriend can head out to the donut shop and bring a dozen of the most delicious donuts home. 

Then we can decide if we want to have tea, coffee or cold milk with our donuts while we watch some news on the tele, or maybe I will sit on here and catch up on all the celebrity news on TMZ while I eat my one donut. Because yeah, we buy a whole dozen, but that does not mean that I eat them all. I choose one delicious donut and make it last, that's probably it's so delicious, because I eat only that one lonely donut per week. But it's my little splurge and I really enjoy it. 

What do you love to eat on Sunday morning??


todd carr said...

i eat the garnish off my bloody local brunch spot stacks my mary w/ a garnish stick that includes cheese, pickeld peppers, artichoke heart and a cajun salted pickle spear....sooo good. then I throw back the mary part.

yum yum!

Dallas Single Mom Examiner said...

Coffee, always coffee. At brunch - mimosas and with my bestest friend - bagel and lox.

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Ask Shanae said...

I’m following you from “I love my online friends blog hop”. I look forward to your follow back.

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