Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Movie I Can Watch Over & Over Again!

The Birdcage (1996), an absolutely hysterical, well written, and slightly unconventional film, about a gay couple reluctantly toning down their flamboyant lifestyle for one night, when meeting their soon-to-be in-laws. Quite possibly the only film I can watch repeatedly, and never tire of it. It's crazy and quirky cast of characters have seriously never failed to make me smile, and being set in South Beach, Florida makes it all the more amusing.

The Funny Men of The Birdcage

Robin Williams & Nathan Lane portray the Goldmans. He owns the drag club downstairs, while "she" stars in the the clubs big show as Starina.

Hank Azaria, plays the Goldman's faithful houseman Agador and Gene Hackman takes the lead as head of The Keeley clan, a family "right-winged moralists", and coming off a scandal of their own, journey to meet Armand "Coleman", his "house wife" and "butler".

I was introduced to this film when I was still a kid by my mother, who like me, loves the film for all that it is and even now when I find the rare occurrence of it airing on cable, I just have to watch. Whether it's on AMC or TV Land's ever amusing, edited version. I never knew that a network would go so far as to actually paint bikini bottoms on a person, I was watching one day and wondered "Hey, where did all the asses go?!". I honestly think this a movie everyone should see, all of the actors are amazing and there is not one boring part. You'll laugh, till it's over, and still after. 


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