Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Hot Hot Hot!

(Not my picture)

Living in the Inland Empire, I've definitely had to adjust to some huge changes from what I was used to when I lived more towards San Diego county. One of the biggest changes, is the heat. I don't think I've even expeirenced triple-digit temperatures before. And to make matters worse, my air conditioning unit is the ugly, huge, old fashioned kind, that makes more noise, then it does cool air. I guess you kind of get used to the noise after it's on for a couple of hours but still, I always remember when a friend comes over and I can tell they are just wondering why it is damn noisy in the house. I really am I have one though, no matter how old and ugly. Especially when I have to quickly step outside to catch the mail or something. The minute I step out, you can't even breathe, and immediately the sweating starts. It's horrible. I have no idea how people who live in places like; Las Vegas, Arizona, or Texas. I swear weather is always my biggest concern when it comes to relocating. Winter also gets pretty cold here too, we can get into the 50's and stay there all day long. My family would sometimes complain about it being too damn cold, but I'd rather freeze my butt off while trying to stay covered in blankets, then sweating to the oldies during the summer time. 

Buster Poindexter~Hot Hot Hot


asiadeli said...

Visiting from It’s Almost Friday Hop. I'm now following your blog and also your twitter. I hope you could follow me back.

Thank you.

Momfever said...

I love that picture! It speaks volumes! I've come from the alsmost friday hop.

Sara said...

New follower from the It's Almost Friday Hop! I totally agree. San Diego weather is so nice compared to Sac (where I am). The heat just hits me like a brick wall when I go outside. I feel your pain with the a/c being noisy and not very efficient. It seems like if anyone opens the door all the cold air in the house gets swept outside and it instantly gets super warm inside (exaggerating yes but it's really awful still).