Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This Is My Obsession - The Kindle Fire ...

Since the announcement of the Kindle Fire a few days ago I have done nothing else while online than go to Amazon and read and then re-read all they have posted about this wonderful new Kindle FIRE. I have watched the videos and the You Tube commercial and read so many news and blog posts about it. I am seriously obsessed...
and have been trying to come up with a fair way to get this for myself without feeling guilty about it. The thing is though, that I can't seem to find a way. Because no matter what I come up with I still feel like $199 spent on myself right before the holidays and right when I had to pay the biggest utility bills of the year, seems like a lot to spend on just me. 

The huge bills kind of wiped me out for the month, running and AC and major water and gas usage for the last two months to keep us cool during the 3 digit temps ended up costing a ton. I also had extra expenses I had not counted on, like a new bed for my room because one day my old one cracked and collapsed. I also have kids birthdays coming up and I need to have some really great gifts ready. Not to mention that the holidays are now just around the corner and any good aunt and sister knows that it's time to begin holiday shopping for all my family. 

So how in the world will I be able to spend $200 on little ol me when I have all this going on? 

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