Saturday, October 15, 2011

Retirement Communities ...

As my mom gets older and is becoming more and more frail, my sisters and I have begun talking about assisted living situations and retirement communities where my mom can go live in a few years. It's not that we wouldn't enjoy having her live with one of us, but my mother is fiercely independent and we agreed years ago that when she was older, we would all work together to find the right place for her to live out her older years. We would love an all-inclusive adult community, where she could live peacefully, yet have plenty of activities to take part in. We want to find a community where she could first live independently but with some supervision and that when the time is needed she can make the switch to assisted living with as little fuss as possible. We want mom to feel like she is taking care of herself and to know that she is not a burden on anyone. We also want her to live in a place where she can have an active lifestyle and can enjoy every day. She has worked hard all her life and should spend her retirement in a place that will pamper and care for her every day. 

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