Friday, February 11, 2011


Relaxing......................... that's what I am going to do this whole weekend!
I swear this week was so incredibly crazy, there was so much work to do and I never even had a chance to break out the remote control. I managed to get some tweets in for a few giveaways but other than that, did not get a chance to enter any new ones. 

So that is the kind of relaxing that I plan to do this weekend. I want to grab the remote, find a mind numbing TV show like The Real Housewives or maybe one of the really corny lifetime movies and while I half watch I want to blog hop and enter giveaways. A lot of the Valentine giveaways are ending this week and I want to get as many entries in as I can. 

I did win an INCREDIBLE and I mean INCREDIBLE giveaway this week and I will share that with you this weekend. It was my only win of the week but it is a doozy and I am completely excited waiting for it to arrive. 
(please let it get here soon) 

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