Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Glee Scandal !


 Another day, another scandal for Glee star Lea Michele. Today's though isn't being seen on the covers of GQ or Cosmo, no it was being viewed by millions during last nights Superbowl. Like every year one of the biggest draws besides the game itself, to watching the Superbowl is the hilarious and entertaining ads that air during. And yesterdays best commercial (in my opinion) featured the stars of the Golden Globe Winner for Best Comedy, Glee! The cast put a Gleefull spin into the new Chevrolet ads, with a catchy tune and an old fashioned twist. So what's got all the viewers freaking out? During a scene about 32 seconds into the commercial itself, Ms. Michele's behind is apparently in full view, for a full half second. See for yourself, and you tell us is it really as big of a deal as their making it? In the behind the scenes feature we also posted it happens once again, only allot closer. What do you think?

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Ashley said...

Oh geez. I'm sure she was wearing something, so I'm not too worried about it. I'm still surprised they let this one out though!

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