Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring is Here....

Yes it's true, Spring has Sprung but if you live in California you probably haven't noticed because you've been caught in storm after storm of rain, sleet and some pretty heavy winds. So instead of sitting outside in the sun smelling the flowers or looking at all the greenery you are huddled under an umbrella and wearing as many layers as you were able to put on. 

I have had to re-schedule several appointments I had earlier in the week, thinking that I could get them done between today and tomorrow. So of course when I got up this morning and reached for the paper only to find that we are under a new storm watch, more rain is on the way in just a few hours, I was not exactly thrilled.

But I just realized something, California really never gets as much rain as it's supposed to, so why not enjoy all this wonderful rain instead of looking at the negatives. I might even grab the umbrella once the rain does come and take a little stroll to Starbucks so I can enjoy it from the inside of my favorite coffee house with a latte in my hand. 

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Marilyn said...

Love this photo..