Thursday, March 24, 2011

DIY: Paint Chip Notebooks

Guest post written by Elizabeth Parsons

It seems like people are always recommending books or bands to me and I'm writing it down in my notebooks, except that I can never find that stuff in those big notebooks. So I thought that I could get or even better make a small notebook to carry around just for that purpose so that it would be easy to find in it. Also, it would just be so neat to have a little notebook on hand like that.

So I went online to come up with a really cool way to make a tiny notebook that would even fit in my back pocket and go with me anywhere. I found lots of neat ideas with my Wirelessinternet that never would have occured to me before, like making matchbook notepads.

I came across the ideas for paint chip notebooks and thought they were so neat. I had some old paint chips laying around anyway and made some with those so I was able to make them completely out of materials I already had.

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