Sunday, March 6, 2011

Luv and I having a creamer tasting party.

It's another chilly day here and I am sitting down and enjoying a nice cup of coffee with my boyfriend. I took part in a FB campaign a few weeks ago and received two free coupons for Coffee Mate creamer and today we are having a tasting party, just him and I.

We ran a pot of brew, we always grind our beans fresh for the best cup of coffee possible. Coffee here is pretty sacred and sitting down and getting to enjoy a cup is the best part of my day. I rarely use a creamer but once in a while I long for that extra flavor and some added sweetness. Plus when you drink as much coffee as we do, you are always looking for ways to make the experience different and new. This is the creamer that we are tasting today, Honey Vanilla Cream.

It sounds interesting right? Almost a bit scary, since I had never thought to mix vanilla and honey but I love honey and decided I had to try it. Luv took out the bottle and arched an eyebrow when he saw it, then when he tasted my cup and  gave it to me said, "It might be a bit weird." 

I hesitantly sipped from my steaming cup expecting something horrible after that comment but it was not weird, not really, it's just different, certainly a lot more different than any other creamer flavor I have tried. It is very sweet and quite yummy and has plenty of honey flavor which is the last flavor that stays in your mouth. It lingers there and makes me want a cup of tea, in fact I wonder if I can add this to tea? I have no clue since I am so in love with coffee and very seldom drink tea. But I did like it and so did Luv, I think by the time we get to the end of the bottle and more used to the taste we might like it enough to purchase it again. Iv'e got one more flavor hidden in the fridge, I can't even remember what it is but later this week we will try it and I will let you know what we think.

Have you tried any of Coffee Mate's new flavors and if so which is your favorite??


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My mum went through a phase of being obsessed with Coffee Mate. She tried to get me into it but it's just too sweet in a drink.

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