Monday, February 13, 2012

EdenFantasys : The Kissaholic (Review)

Kissaholic aphrodisiac infused plumping lip gloss - Sensual bathKissaholic aphrodisiac infused plumping lip gloss - Sensual bath

I am a big online shopper, when I am shopping EdenFantasys, I shop the same as I do in a regular store. When it's time to hit the checkout I usually peruse the area by check out where you can find lip balms, wipes and little extras, just to throw a few other last-minute essentials that I need that I might not have seen in the store. So the other day I realized I needed a new lip balm, preferably with color. I hit lip color in the search area and on the second page found my new favorite go-to everyday lip color. The Kissaholic aphrodisiac infused plumping lip gloss made by one of my favorite brands Booty Parlor, caught my eye. It was exactly what I was looking for, well maybe a bit more color, but this gloss is a moisturizing, paraban free gloss that comes in 6 very pretty shades. I immediately fell in love with cinnamon and peppermint (above), I knew that these two shades would be perfect for changing up my lips. It took a few days for my order to arrive and when it did I was very pleased with the two glosses. What a great silky feeling they leave on my lips and the color is durable enough that I am not touching up all the time. I really love the scent and enjoy the cooling sensation that you get on your lips after application. Next I really  want to get the berry/honey for when I go out in the evening, this is more of a dark, dramatic color that will look great at night. 

What a lucky moment I had when I found these new glosses which have become part of my every day beauty routine. I would not have guessed that I would find such an item at EdenFantasys, which is an adult store that sells sex toys, adult items and of course now so many beauty/fashion items too. There is always something new I want and only once have I returned an item and that was because it did not fit. If you are looking for a new online shopping adventure, I suggest vising EdenFantasys.

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