Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Do You Twitter Party?


I have a few online friends who always rave and rave about twitter parties and all the prizes they win during these parties. I have however never attended a twitter party, and if you look into my twitter you will see why. I am not a big twitter person at all, I almost never use it and only opened the account when a friend suggested that I would need one for my blog. Same thing with Facebook, I don't think I have ever posted anything on either one and always wonder if I should just shut both account down. So I guess I am not a very bog social networker huh? That's fine really, I never started this blog to become the social media queen and don't really ever have the time for it. But I am really curious about these twitter parties, so I have been putting them up on my calendar as the invitations arrive and will try to make it to one this week. That way I can see for myself what the hype all about and if they really are fun or just about the prizes. Are they interesting and informative or are they just a new place to win great prizes? I plan to find out soon...have you ever won a prize at a Twitter Party?

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