Friday, January 20, 2012

YouTube Sensations!

It's amazing what talent you can really find on the internet if you look hard enough. We've all seen the tons of "talent" that's being found on YouTube, like the two little ballerina's singing Super Bass, the mini-warbler doing Teenage Dream, Rebecca Black singing Friday, and BeenerKeeKee19952's with his many facial expressions but it's very rare that I'll ever hear of a YouTube star with actual talent being put into the spotlight. I'm not saying that it never happens, I know Greyson Chance and other people who I just can't seem to remember at the moment are getting a slice of fame. I also know that I too, like probably millions of others, reluctantly loved "Friday, Friday, got get down on Friday" and swooned over the adorableness of the mini-warbler but every once in a while I want to see someone really good and with actual talent get their 15 minutes of fame. For instance has anyone ever heard of the cover band Walk Off The Earth...

Walk Off The Earth-Somebody That I Used To Know (Original by Gotye Ft. Kimbra)

or maybe Karmin...

Karmin Ft. Questlove & Owen of The Roots-Super Bass (Original by Nicki Minaj)

These two cover bands are talented and mostly unheard of, but they truly deserve a whole lot more attention then their receiving. The music industry may pay not realize it yet, but considering those voices, these artists have the potential to be big. And in a time when "good music" seems to be coming less and less, we need something fresh and new to listen to.

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