Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Review of Purex UltraPacks...

Laundry simplified.  Purex UltraPacks are no-mess laundry packs that have been premeasured and filled with Triple Action Purex, so that you don't have to worry about any mess or measuring of detergent at all. With Purex UltraPacks there is also no lugging around big and heavy bottles of detergent, if you happen to do your laundry at a public laundry mat this little bag will be a breeze to carry. UltraPacks will be available in Free & Clear which is totally free of dyes and scents and my favorite of the two, Mountain Breeze for a clean fresh scent.

No measuring, no carrying heavy bottles, no mess because these little packs will stay nice and clean in their baggie until you put them in water. I washed in both hot and cold and both times the film dissolved by the time the water had filled in the machine. A double dose of Triple Action detergent left all my clothes clean and bright. I like that you can use these new packs in traditional washers as well as high efficiency ones. 

Look for Purex UltraPacks at your local stores in February.

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