Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Review of Triple Action Purex ...

Triple Action Purex ( the same one you can find inside Purex UltraPacks) is the new and improved Purex detergent that will leave your clothes brighter, whiter and cleaner than ever before. Purex has always stood for great value and even better quality, and this new formula that they have been working on for some time now, proves how much Purex cares about giving their customers the best of both worlds. Clean clothes should not have to be a luxury and Purex gives us their strongest formula at the same great value. 

I was very happy to receive a full bottle of Mountain Breeze Triple Action Purex to review in my home.  I was excited to try this new formula of course, but would it be able to get rid of the really bad food and grass stains that the boys clothes always have? I did some pre-treating on the worst stains and put them to wash, and was really happy to find clean and spotless clothes once they came out of the dryer. The mountain breeze scent is light enough that it is pleasant but not overwhelming. 

Cleaner, brighter clothes and such a nice clean scent. As usual I was very happy with Purex and that is why I have been using this brand for a long time now. I have a giveaway coming this weekend for some Purex Crystals and a Jockey sports bra, so look for that soon. And see you in the Purex isle!

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