Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scream 4

I hate horror movies! Absolutely hate them! I also hate suspense, slasher, and "gory" type movies too. BUT I have always had such a soft spot for this series. I know it is considered the film that brought slasher films back in the 90's but that's not why I like it so much. I remember when I saw Scream for the first time, it was in the company of my mom, dad, older and younger sisters. My dad told us we were going to see a movie called Scream, and he said it was a comedy, me being a child, believed him. There was nothing funny about that movie when you are only 4 years old. I hated it while I was still young, and when they bought the VHS tape, I remember them watching it all the time. I think I threw it away at one point, a couple of years later, not even in the house trash, I took it straight out to the dumpster. A couple more years later, I saw it on tv, and with me being older, I decided to watch it. I fell in love with it! I thought it was awesome, I was still afraid of the Drew Barrymore scene and to this day, still am but it was just too good. I have seen Scream, Scream 2, and Scream 3 hundreds of times each since then. My favorite is the third, and I kind of think Parker Posey stole the show in it, her character was hilarious. Now I am as excited as ever for this next installment! I swear as soon as possible I will be at that theater watching. I cannot wait to see it!

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Anonymous said...

Me too! I love the Scream series - the one quote I remember from the first one is when 'bad guy #2' says in the kitchen when their trying to eliminate both the father and daughter is "my parents are going to be so mad at me". What a hoot! It's so campy.

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