Friday, May 18, 2012

Grey's Anatomy Recap

Last nights one hour Grey's Anatomy season 8 finally left fans across America PISSED OFF! Not only did one of the shows most beloved characters die (we'll miss you so much Lexie Grey) in the first 20 minutes but another fan favorite Teddy Altman found herself fired by the end of the night. What the flying f**k?!?!?!

Now a bunch of other stuff happened in last night's finale but nothing stood out more then the death of Lexie, the firing of Teddy, and not to mention by the end of the episode the plane crash victims (yup, plane crash victims) had yet to be found! AND by the looks of it Mark was barely hanging on and Arizona was coughing up blood, so the possibility of more death is in fact there. Oh and did I also forget to mention that the doctors back at Seattle Grace are completely unaware of the fact that half of their staff is missing! This has to be the unluckiest hospital staff in the world! Bombs blowing up, people getting mowed down by buses, friends getting cancer, guns to the head, car accidents, and now a plane crash too! When will their misery end?! By the end of the episode I was just angry and disappointed because the only doctor I wanted gone was Owen Hunt. He is a jerk, kind of psychotic, he fired Teddy, and his kisses are so gross!!!! The season 9 opener better be freaking amazing and feature a very much alive Arizona and Mark. Fix it Shonda Rhimes!!!

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