Saturday, May 26, 2012


Premium Electronic Cigarette KitsAre you looking for a slightly healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes? Well Blu Cigs electronic cigarettes may just be the solution for you!  Blu Cigs do not burn or use tobacco; they do not contain smoke, ash, or contain the smell of regular cigarettes. Because of this Blu’s electronic cigarettes can be used in places where regular cigarettes are typically banned. Available in several flavors like Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, Cherry Crush, Vivid Vanilla, Pina Colada, Peach Schnapps, and all ingredients are USA made.  Not to mention the money you’ll save on purchasing cigarettes, at least 50%! Other great bonus to purchasing from blu, with every purchase you can earn points that can be used towards discounts and freebies for future purchases. Create an account, you get 25 points, subscribe to their newsletter, you get 25 points, get a starter kit and you’ll get 350 points, and what about 50 points for a cartridge. Earning freebies has never been easier! So visit or call toll free 1-888-207-4588 to order your blu electronic cigarette today, it’s smoking without the smoke. Free shipping, one year warranty, and 30-day money back guarantee for U.S customers only. Only persons 18 years or older can purchase or use.

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