Tuesday, December 20, 2011

FCK Bullies by FCKH8

Okay, so some people may find this video really offensive but I swear it's all for a good reason. Time for some straight talk on a not so straight cause.

WARNING: There is A LOT of swearing in this video, and by kids too!

FCKH8, a new campaign for anyone and everyone who believes in true equality for us all, can come together and ban against hate. To learn more about the cause follow FCKH8 on Twitter and visit them on FaceBook. For every like and every tweet, 10 cents will be donated to the 'Born This Way' campaign for gay kids.

No one chooses to be gay, they were born that way. Let love in, no matter who it may come from, love is love. And never forget, it's okay to be gay!

Disclaimer:I do not own this video, it was gotten off of YouTube.

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