Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Calgon...take me away...

December is by far my busiest month and right now I feel like I am being pulled in a zillion different directions. Not only am I not done with the holiday shopping, I almost have the kids covered but still need some of the grown ups. I also have end-of-the-year eye, check ups and dentists appointments to take care of. These are the very same appointments that I was supposed to take care of since October. You know, the ones that you put on your to-do-list and slowly they get pushed further and further back till you realize you have less than 4 weeks till the year ends? Well now it's all hit me in the face and I do have less than 4 weeks to get it all done, while at the same time I have so many other things to do. 

If I can make it to the new year and actually get all these things crossed off my list, I am going to have to buy myself a nice present. A very much deserved present...I may add.

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